This game must be played with two controllers. 

No keyboard/mouse support

Top-down shooter coop survival where one players transmits orders to the other player's tool/weapon. Communication is key to success in this fast-paced, heart pounding and good looking experience.

Story: Two mercenaries have arrived to an island in middle of nowhere, place where a lab is located and terribles experiments happened. The primary objetive is to find and neutralize the threat. The quest take place on differents facilities of the island. The team have no idea of what is waiting for them. 


  • Game Design, Music and Sounds: Maximiliano Cabañas
  • Programming: Pablo Rodriguez
  • Programming: Gabriel Ruíz
  • Environmental Artist: Julieta Ladstatter
  • Character Artist: Nicanor Elizondo
  • Art Director and UX: Sebastián Recabarren
  • Game Producer: Sebastián Diéguez

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