Ludum Dare 42 submission


For the friends that look for a way to break their friendship, Err Island is a real time strategy match-3 game where you need to invade an island with your pirate faction before the other player takes it from you. Unlike Clash of Clans this is less of a fighting your adversary game and more of a territory control game. Unlike Triple Town, this game is a local multiplayer game.

Two players will receive shipments from their pirate party/faction and they need to use it to start settling in the island before the other team occupy most of it. The game ends when there is no square left and the users cannot build more, the team that has more territory claimed is the winner.


- P1: W,A,S,D move F place shipment
- P2: Arrow Keys move, Enter place shipment


  • Treasure Chest - 3 Shovels
  • Forest - 3 grass
  • Lumber Yard - 3 Wood (forest / planks)
  • Cottage - 1 Lumber Yard + 2 Pirates (1 Victory point)
  • Tavern - 1 Cottage + 2 Rums (2 Victory points)
  • Shipyard - 1 Cottage + 1 Lumberyard + 1 Pirate (3 Victory points)
  • Outpost - 1 Cottage + 2 Pirates (3 Victory points)
  • Fort - 2 Outpost + 1 Treasure Chest (5 Victory points)


Occupy the space of the other player, steal some of their buildings, win land points


Make the island Yarrrrs!


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